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Essay On Dream House

Originally Posted by johnq

Here is my writing on the "My Dream House". I would be grateful if someone would review my essay and give me feedback on the sentence structure and grammar of writing.

My Dream House

House is a place where we can shelter and it gives us a protection from rain, heat , storm etc. Everyone has their own choice on what type of house they feel comfortable to live in, so do I. I enjoy toliveliving in a calm and open environment, so house built on small land (I'm not sure what you mean by 'small land' here) won't be my choice. I want a large open space surrounded by compound, where I can stroll, especially when I feel bored onat my job. I want the a garden in front of my house, which will give me a natural environment. One more thing to mention here, I want thea house which is far from main city and industrial area since I don't like thea noisy environment. Oh, yeah, what about the size of the house? I prefer the medium size of the house having,which has 2 or 3 floors in it. I don't like very large buildings because I have small family and I don't like to rent my home. I prefer to stay inon the second or ground floor during the summer season because the top floorsis excessively heated heat up excessively during the very hot season, whereas I like to stay inonthe second or third floor during the winter, as the ground floor will be becomes excessively cold during that period. (Try to shorten this sentence or divide it into two) Next thing is abouta gym room, I would like to have a fitness center within my premise as I am a young boy and I want to be a healthy person.

I have mentioned so many physical needs (you mentioned only one of them, actually, - shelter) in my above paragraph (in my paragraph above), but I would like to conculdeconclude my writingessayby saying thata cool and amicable family environment is must to should make our homesfeel like a heaven. Otherwise, it will would be a hell, and we would like to spend most of our time outside the home rather than with our familyies.


My Dream House Essay

835 WordsFeb 8th, 20124 Pages

What I Call Home

In life everyone has their own dreams, whether it be about cars, houses, or their career. Most people I know dream to have the biggest and luxurious houses but I was always satisfied with mine. My house is not a tiny apartment nor a huge mansion but a two story, plain brown brick cozy house with white painted doors. The front yard is decorated with beautiful flowers; roses, lilies, violets, dahlias, daisies and much more, my mother usually plant them. She says, "Flowers are a pleasure and perfection of nature, and they give many things to people, and it does not matter if you are rich or poor, they give you a wonderful world which makes you feel happy". It definitely makes her and our neighbors happy. She shares the…show more content…

After dinner, majority of the time everyone goes out or straight to their rooms but occasionally we'll sit in the living room and watch television together. My living room is probably the coziest place in my house. The walls are partially decorated with pieces of wood. It resembles the interior of a cottage. There are four black leather couches and a wooden coffee table that sits in the middle. My mother usually makes tea or coffee for us. She'll also bring out a bowl of sliced fruits, nuts and put it on the coffee table. After watching a movie or soap opera on satellite, everyone goes to their room and gets ready for bed. In the mornings when I wake up, the first thing I tend to do is step outside to my backyard to get a nice fresh air. My backyard is fairly big, also one of the main reasons why my parents decided to buy it. There’s a little slide door in the dining room that leads to a dark brown deck. You'll see a green patio table, chairs and a barbecue. Also, in the corner of my backyard you'll see a small portion of the yard fenced. That’s my mothers garden, where she grows tomatoes, peppers, onions, eggplants, parsley, lettuce, strawberries, cucumbers and many others that I can't recall. Both my dad and my mom love to grow organic vegetables and fruits. Around my backyard you'll also see a raspberry bush, pear, peach, cherry, apricot,

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