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Nika Zupanc Homework Table Nika

Product and interior designer Nika Zupanc became a globally recognised name with the launch of the Lolita lamp, her first object to be produced by Moooi.
Nika Zupanc works as an independent designer who is constantly involved in fresh projects that grow out of distinctive interpretations of modern culture, contemporary design and available technological options. Her products are part of the range of distinguished design companies such as Moooi, Moroso and Nodus. Her praised limited edition collections and installations are exhibited around the world, sometimes as part of high-end collaborations like the one with Rossana Orlandi. Along the way, Nika Zupanc continuously produces objects under her own brand and is involved in various interior projects.
Besides the Lolita lamp, she designed a long line of signature ready-to-use pieces like 5 O’Clock Table and 5 O’Clock Chair (Moooi) or Tailored Chair (Moroso). But it is her conceptual installations that saw her evolving into an authentic global voice – I Will Buy Flowers Myself (2009) and Gone with the Wind (2010) presented a collection of objects inside blown-up doll house structures that became a hallmark of Milan Design Week.
The Black Cherry lamp, now one of the iconic pieces of her own brand, also debuted at Milan Design Week. The installations that followed, Selfdiscipline (2011) and Summertime (2012), mark the beginning of limited edition collections in partnership with Rossana Orlandi, where with a stubborn passion Nika Zupanc examines the nature of furniture. In 2012, her hometown of Ljubljana had the privilege to be the first with an interior designed and art-directed by Zupanc personally. The noir refurbishment of As Aperitivo is an introduction to her new venture of designing interiors.
And, last bit not least, in the grand scale of things, in november 2013 Nika Zupanc presented a wooden structure, a pavilion,  a room of one‘s own as part of an exhibition Esprit Dior: Miss Dior in Galerie Courbe – Grand Palais in Paris.

Zupanc, Nika (1974)

The Slovenian designer manipulates the most naïve and clichéd archetypes of femininity in order to turn them into poetic yet rebellious objects and furniture. Her inventive and whimsical creations combine a glamorous 'femme fatale' feel conveyed by the designer herself and an ironic punk discourse that reinvents feminine seductiveness. Nika Zupanc aims to minor the 'form follows function' dictatorship and to bring emotion to her work following Ludwig Wittgenstein's philosophy: 'meaning is use'.

Tags / Nika Zupanc - 2000s - Femininity - Punk - Poetic - Mixed Design - Slovenian Designer - Glamour

Nika Zupanc, Black Cherry, 2013

Nika Zupanc, Lolita lamp, 2008

Nika Zupanc, Alexander cradles, 2009

Nika Zupanc, Bubble lamp, 2012

Nika Zupanc, Maid chair, 2007

Nika Zupanc, Lolita lamp, 2008

Nika Zupanc, Homework Chair and Homework Table, 2011

Nika Zupanc, Konstantin B (toy car), 2009

Nika Zupanc and her Konstantin B

Nika Zupanc, Lolita lamp, 2008

Nika Zupanc, Pom Pon Chandelier, 2011

Nika Zupanc, Miss Dior chair, 2013

Nika Zupanc, Secretaria desk, 2013

Nika Zupanc, Secretaria desk, 2013

Nika Zupanc, Homework Chair, 2011

Nika Zupanc, 5 o'clock chair, 2010

Nika Zupanc, Summertime chair, 2012

Nika Zupanc, Tapisserie, sofa in c-minor, 2009

Nika Zupanc, Infinity Clock, 2013

Nika Zupanc, Forever Bed, 2014

Nika Zupanc, The Golden Chair, 2013

Nika Zupanc, Sugar cubes, 2010

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