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Hn450 Unit 7 Assignment

Running Head: CASE STUDY: MIKE AND SALLY 2 Case Study: Mike and Sally This case study involves a couple named Sally and Mike, who have recently lost their son who was only 6, due to cancer. Sally and Mike have decided to go to counseling because Sally is having a hard time trying to cope and Mike does not know how to help Sally. I would use the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention which is a method for conducting very brief mental health interviews with clients whose functioning level has decreased following a psychosocial stressor. The first stage of the ABC model of Crisis Intervention is described as the developing and maintaining of a rapport between both par±es, the client and counselor. This is the founda±on as well as the state of understanding. Once the client has the feeling of comfort, they are able to open up and place trust in the counselor. To help sally feel comfortable I will use a²ending behaviors such as a soF

EF310 Unit 7 AssignmentWhat frequency do you suggest?Cardiovascular activityMuscular strength andenduranceFlexibilityI would suggest doing aerobic activities 5-6 days aweek (Howley, 2012).I would suggest 4-5 days ofmuscular strength and endurance, but only work one muscle group each day, i.e. leg day, upper body, and core. I would suggest doing flexibility exercises every day, or 5-7 days, even if you don’t plan on exercising that day a lot that day in the form of yogaor pilates type stretches. What intensity do you suggest?Cardiovascular activityMuscular strength andenduranceFlexibilityI would suggest doing cardiovascular exercises at moderate to high intensity, keeping the heart rate at 50% to 84% of the maximum heart rate (Howley, 2012)I would suggest doing moderate loads for 9-12 reps to increase both muscular strength and endurance. I would suggest stretching to a point that you feel plenty of tension, but no pain, and hold it. Then repeat.

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