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Poor Family Essay Sample

Poverty is the condition of a person when he/she cannot fulfill his/her basic needs of life such as food, clothing and shelter.

Essay on Poverty

We have provided below various essay on poverty in order to help students. Now-a-days, essays or paragraphs writing are common strategy followed by the teachers in the schools and colleges in order to enhance the skill and knowledge of students about any topic. All the poverty essay are written using very simple words under various words limit according to the need and requirement of students. They can select any of the essays given below according to their need and requirement in the class, any competition or exam.

Poverty Essay 1 (100 words)

Poverty is the state for any person of being extremely poor. It is the extreme situation when a person feels lack of essential items required to continue the life such as shelter, adequate food, clothing, medicines, etc. Some of the common reasons of poverty are like overpopulation, lethal and epidemic diseases, natural disasters, low agricultural output, lack of employment, castism in country, illiteracy, gender inequality, environmental problems, changing trends of economy in the country, lack of proper education, untouchability, limited or inadequate access of people to their rights, political violence, organized crime, corruption, lack of motivation, idleness, old social beliefs, etc. Poverty in India can be reduced by following effective solutions however needs individual efforts of all the citizens.

Poverty Essay 2 (150 words)

We can define poverty as the lack of food, proper shelter, clothing, medicines, education, and equal human rights. Poverty forces a person to remain hungry, without shelter, without clothes, education and proper rights. There are various causes of poverty in the country however solutions too but because of the lack of proper unity among Indian citizens to follow solutions, poverty is increasing badly day by day. Spread of epidemic diseases in any country is the reason of poverty as poor people cannot take care of their health and hygienic condition.

Poverty makes people unable to go to doctor, to go to school, how to read, to speak properly, to eat three times meal, to wear needed clothes, to purchase own house, to get paid properly for job, etc. Poverty forces a person to go towards illness as they drink unclean water, lives at dirty places, and eat improper meal. Poverty causes powerlessness and lack of freedom.

Poverty Essay 3 (200 words)

Poverty is just like a condition of slave when a person becomes unable to do anything according to his/her wish. It has many faces which changes according to the person, place and time. It can be described in many ways a person feel it or live it. Poverty is a situation which no one wants to live however has to carry it by custom, nature, natural disaster, or lack of proper education. The person lives it, generally wants to escape. Poverty is a call to action to the poor people to earn enough money to eat, have access to education, get adequate shelter, wear needed clothes, and protection from the social and political violence.

It is an invisible problem which affects a person and his/her social life very badly in many ways. Poverty is completely preventable problem however there are many reasons which carry and continue it from the past time. Poverty keeps a person lack of freedom, mental well-being, physical well-being, and security. It is very necessary for everyone to work jointly in order to remove poverty from the country and world to bring proper physical health, mental health, complete literacy, home for everyone, and other needed things to live a simple life.


Poverty Essay 4 (250 words)

Poverty is a human condition which brings despair, grief and pain in the human life. Poverty is the lack of money and all the things required to live a life in proper manner. Poverty makes a child unable to enter to the school in childhood and lives his/her childhood in an unhappy family. Poverty is the lack of few rupees to arrange bread and butter of two times daily, buy text books for kids, grief of parents responsible for the care of children, etc. We can define poverty in many ways. It is very common to see poverty in India because most people here cannot fulfill their basic necessities of the life. A huge percentage of population here is uneducated, hungry and without home and clothe. It is the main reason of the poor Indian economy. Because of the poverty, around half population in India is living a miserable life.

Poverty creates a situation in which people fail to get sufficient income so they cannot purchase necessary things. A poor man lives his/her life without any command over basic needs such as two times food, clean drinking water, clothing, house, proper education, etc. People who fail to maintain the minimum standard of living such as consumption and nutrition required for existence. There are various reasons of poverty in India however mal distribution of national income is also a reason. Low income group people are relatively poorer than the high income group. Children of the poor family never get chance of proper schooling, proper nutrition and happy childhood. The most important reasons of the poverty are illiteracy, corruption, growing population, poor agriculture, gap between poor and rich, etc.

Poverty Essay 5 (300 words)

Poverty represents poor quality of life, illiteracy, malnutrition, lack of basic needs, low human resource development, etc. It is a biggest challenge to the developing country especially in India. It is a phenomenon in which a section of people in the society cannot fulfill their basic necessities of life. It has seen some decline in the poverty level in the last five years (26.1% in 1999-2000 from 35.97% in 1993-94). It has also declined at state level such as in Orissa it has been declined to 47.15% from 48.56%, in Madhya Pradesh 37.43% from 43.52%, in UP 31.15% from 40.85%, and in West Bengal 27.02% from 35.66%. Instead of some decline in the poverty in India it is not the matter of happiness because the Indian BPL is still very large number (26 crore).

Poverty in India can be eradicated by the use of some effective programmes, however need a joint effort by everyone not by the government only. Government of India should make some effective strategies aiming to develop poor social sector through key components like primary education, population control, family welfare, job creation, etc especially in the rural areas.

What are Effects of Poverty

Some of the effects of poverty are like:

  • Illiteracy: poverty makes people unable to get proper education because of the lack of money.
  • Nutrition and diet: poverty causes insufficient availability of diet and inadequate nutrition which brings lots of lethal diseases and deficiency diseases.
  • Child labor: it gives rise to the huge level illiteracy as the future of the country gets involved in the child labor at very low cost in their early age.
  • Unemployment: unemployment causes poverty as it creates the lack of money which affects people’s daily life. It forces people to live unfulfilled life against their will.
  • Social tensions: it creates social tension due to the income disparity between rich and poor.
  • Housing problems: it creates the bad condition for people to live without home on the footpath, roadside, other open places, many members in one room, etc.
  • Diseases: it gives rise to the various epidemic diseases as people with lack of money cannot maintain proper hygiene and sanitation. Also they cannot afford a doctor for the proper treatment of any disease.
  • Feminization of poverty: poverty affects women’s life to a great extent because of the gender-inequality and keeps them deprived of the proper-diet, nutrition, medicines and treatment facility.


Poverty Essay 6 (400 words)


Poverty is a situation in which people remain deprived of basic necessities of life such as inadequacy of food, clothes, and shelter. Most of the people in India cannot get their two times meal properly, sleep at roadside and wear dirty and old clothes. They do not get proper and healthy nutrition, medicines, and other necessary things. Poverty in the urban India is increasing because of the increase in urban population as people from rural areas like to migrate to the cities and towns to get employment or do some financial activity. The income of around 8 crore urban people is below poverty line and 4.5 crore urban people is on borderline of poverty level. A huge number of people live in slum become illiterate. In spite of some initiatives there is no any satisfactory results shown regarding reduction of poverty.

Causes of Poverty

The main causes of poverty in India are growing population, poor agriculture, corruption, old customs, huge gap between poor and rich people, unemployment, illiteracy, epidemic diseases, etc. A huge percentage of people in India depend on agriculture which is poor and cause poverty. Generally people face shortage of food because of poor agriculture and unemployment. Ever growing population is also the reason of poverty in India. More population means more food, money and houses. In the lack of basic facilities, poverty grows more rapidly. Becoming extra rich and extra poor creates a huge widening gap between the rich and the poor people. Rich people are growing richer and poor people are growing poorer which creates an economic gap between the two.

Effects of Poverty

Poverty affects people’s life in many ways. There are various effects of poverty such as illiteracy, poor diet and nutrition, child labor, poor housing, poor life style, unemployment, poor hygiene, feminization of poverty, etc. Poor people cannot arrange a healthy diet, maintain good life style, home, nice clothes, proper education, etc because of the lack of money which creates a huge difference between rich and poor. This difference leads to the undeveloped country. Poverty forces small children to do work at low cost and help their family financially instead of going to the school.

Solutions to Eradicate Poverty

It is very necessary to solve the problem of poverty on urgent basis for the goodness of humanity on this planet. Some of the solutions that can play great role in solving the problem of poverty are:

  • Farmers should get proper and required facilities for good agriculture as well as to make it profitable.
  • Adult people who are illiterate should be given required training for the betterment of life.
  • Family planning should be followed by the people in order to check the ever-rising population and thus poverty.
  • Corruption should be ended all over the world to reduce the poverty.
  • Each and every child should go to the school and take proper education.
  • There should be ways of employment where people of all categories can work together.


Poverty is not only the problem of a person however it is a national problem. It must be solved on urgent basis by implementing some effective solutions. Variety of steps has been taken by the government to reduce poverty however no clear results are seen. Eradication of poverty is necessary for the sustainable and inclusive growth of people, economy, society and country. Eradication of poverty can be done effectively by the unite effort of each and every person.


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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 1122 - Children brought up in families with less money are better prepared

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Written by IELTS Mentor
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IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Children brought up in families with less money are better prepared for life than those from wealthy families.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1: (Better parenting, regardless of family wealth, is more important.)
Childhood experience and learning determine someone's personality and determination to prosper in life. Some people believe that children in wealthy families are over indulged and do not learn the important lessons to face the future challenges while middle and low-class families better prepare their offsprings. Personally, I believe that better parenting, regardless of family wealth, is more important.

To begin with, children in middle and low-income class families learn to face difficulties in life, share something with others, work hard to have a better life and this is why it is thought that they are better prepared to face the life. For instance, the highest scorer in our college was from a lower-middle class family and he devoted most of his time for study. He valued good grades more than any other student in our class. He, somehow, was convinced that the only way to get out of financial problems is to become the top scorer. On the contrary, children from wealthy families get better facilities, education and career opportunities. Despite being an average student, Patrick, one of my classmates, got admitted in the best university in our country and he has a better career than the top scorer in our college.

I personally belive that parenting is more important than money. It is not always the money of experience that makes a good citizen, rather the morale the parent's implants in a child often determine how ready he is to face the life.      

To conclude, though it is generally believed that children from less fortunate families are better prepared for the future, I, on the other hand, believe that proper parenting is far more important.


Sample Answer 2: (Disagreement)
Money plays a pivotal role in today's social and family life and it has a relationship with the way a child grows up and prepares to meet the challenges in the future. Usually, rich families compensate better life for the children. However, some people argue that children who are brought up in middle-class families are often better prepared for their future than those who are brought up in wealthier families. I personally believe that children from wealthier families get better opportunities and they learn far more to be prepared for the future challenges.
On the one hand, it is said that families with less money prepare their children for a better future. It is true that those children learn the key elements of life in their childhood; such as the real value of money as well as how hard is it to earn, the importance of family tie and so on. Often, those children learn to save money for their future use. Therefore they automatically prepare for setting a target in life and make plans for pursuing them. Therefore many significant qualities of life which are learned by these children from such a family in their earlier stages in life.

On the other hand, children from wealthier families are little behind in terms of learning many important things in childhood when compared with the mindset of poor children. However, they have all the facilities which they need for their education and future. For instance, they are well equipped with all the necessary requirement to start a business or join a job without a hassle. Furthermore, those families build the foundation for their children to begin their life perfectly. The education, teaching and facilities those rich children get are far better than the education and teaching of the poor children. Moreover, those rich children eventually learn the most important aspects of life, may be little latter than the poor children, but they have far greater facilities that ultimately give them advantages in life.
To conclude, money and education build a better future life. Because of that, wealthier children have much better and flexible life than poor children. Therefore, I believe children from wealthy families get a competitive advantage than the children from poor families in terms of education and preparation for the future.

[Written by - Romesh Rodrigo]

Sample Answer 3:
Who are better prepared to face the life - adults who were raised lavishly or in a destitute condition? To a certain extent, I would agree that children who were raised in a low-income family are better in facing life than those who came from a rich family. However, I also believe that it really depends on how parents teach their children.

For a number of reasons, many experts believe that children who are brought up in the middle and low-income families are better prepared in facing life, as life is not always easy. Firstly, these children are accustomed living a simple lifestyle. Instead of having their own room, with all the toys and comfortable beds in the room, they have to sleep with their siblings in a small room. They learn how to share, take care of others, manage the budgets and most importantly become contented with whatever they have. As these children do not have many luxuries in life, they would easily adapt to the harsh conditions. Secondly, these children are already taught to be independent at an early age. Many of their parents could not afford to pay school tuition fees, therefore they have to have a part-time job to pay the school fees. They appreciate more about education as they have to pay by their own and thus learn to be independent at an early age.
These experts also believe that children who are raised in rich families will face difficulties when they grow up and face the real world. One of the reasons is that their parents have always provided them with all the materials they wanted and needed. They have fancy clothes, expensive toys and advanced gadgets in their hands without having to work hard. As they rely heavily on the parent's wealth, they will face problems if there is a financial crisis. However, not all wealthy parents spoil their children, and in many instances, rich children get better facilities to settle in life.

To conclude, the upbringing of a child mostly defines who he will become in the future. Family wealth, though important from some angels, is not always the determining fact for someone's personality and adaptability as better parenting is more crucial.

[Written by - Darwin Sugiharto]

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